Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Through the looking glass........

The final for my print making class. 4 layer silkscreen print. LOVE Alice in wonderland, absolutely LOVE that stuff!

Touch me......Touch me......

A piece of doodle that I was going to turn into a silkscreen print. I might still do it at some point.


These are some rough ideas on a series of projects that I'm currently working on. I'm planning to expand this into my own brand of products. Clothing, prints, and accessories. The concept for this image is based on my personal philosophy.
Power comes from control.
Control comes from intelligence.
Intelligence comes from understanding.
The ability to understand comes from being able to observe and see clearly.
The open hand represents control and power, and the eye in the middle represent the center source of that power.

Beneath my skin.

This was a piece I did for print class. The idea is to show the other self underneath the facade that some people put on in their everyday life. Xerox transfer + silk screen.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Creepy nose!

I forgot why I did this.

older works part.3 ( Jimmy the android)

This was something I did for a digital illustration class. We could pretty much do anything we wanted for this project, so I went ahead and did this sort of "Grease" meets 1950's Sci-fi character. I call him "Jimmy the android".


So, I finally got around and find the time to set up my personal blog. From here on out I will, hopefully, constantly update this little space with new works and maybe some interesting thing I've come across. Enjoy!