Thursday, November 11, 2010


This is a cover that I did for one of Cold Plays' first debut song "Trouble". This is one of my personal favorites by them. It never fails to make me feel really really really really really depressed. Nothing says a great song more than how shitty it can make you feel on a rainy day. lol.

Medium: Watercolor, acrylic ink, graphite.

New Tattoo series!

This is another series on people who carries ink on them. I've always had an obsession on tattoos, so I love documenting people who have wonderful ink work done on them. The first one up top with the Japanese styled tattoo is an actual tattoo artist that works on Mel-rose, he specializes in oriental styled work. The second one is my schoolmate Patrick, I thought his tattoos where very interesting because it really speaks about his Los Angeles latino heritage.

Medium: Watercolor.

Chibi cult recruiter!

This the second prototype toy for my personal campaign. There's also a poster that goes along with the toy, meant for public campaign. He is my little cult recruiter that is going to make you join my cause! :D

Cardboard demon head!!

This was a project I did for a somewhat fine art class. It is a demon head that is heavily influenced by asian mythologies. It is made entirely out of cardboard and than finished with spray paint.