Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Joaquin Phoenix (Crazy mode)

This is my last assignment for my illustration class call "Notorious". We were suppose to do a dead on celebrity portrait on someone who is..... Ballsy, as my instructor puts it. So I picked Joaquin Phoenix during his crazy period. Because now we all know it was all just an act. It wasn't a short act either, he took at least 2 years to convince everyone that he snapped and made a movie about it and EVERYONE thought he was nuts. THAT is an artist dedicating to his craft, so I painted him during the most interesting moments of his career up till now.


Amy "the crack hoe" Winehouse.

Originally, I was gonna make her so grotesque, that it's awesome. We all know what a ridiculous mess Amy Winehouse is/was. But my instructor told me to go the opposite, he wants me to make her actually attractive, instead of hideous, since it is very over done. So I tried. You'll be the judge to say whether she ends up looking alright in this one.

Medium: Watercolor.

Mr. Kenny West

A piece of illustration on Mr. Kanye West's 808 & Heartbreak. It's meant to be a mock up for Rolling Stone magazine album review. For those of you who know what an 808 is will probably understand what the electric board background is all about.

Meduim: Acrylic ink.


This is a illustration for one of my favorite movie, the awesomely awesome Memento by Christopher Nolan. The idea is to show how the main character is turning into nothing by pieces of polaroid memories that he can no longer keep track of.

Medium: Watercolor.

Iphone zombie!!

This is a piece that I did to for one of my class. Yes, it is on those people who seems to never get off their flipping iphones.

Medium: Watercolor, ink.